Permanent surface treatment workshop

All over the world, Altrad Services possesses dedicated permanent workshops for surface preparation (blast room) and coating application (paint tunnel). When required, blasting equipment and facilities are also set up and used on our customers' sites, closer to their specific needs.

All our surface preparation workshops have been designed to serve our clients with efficiency and adaptability. They offer a wide range of advantages:

  • Climate controlled environment, which leads to predictable and repeatable results
  • High productivity ratio: our workshops reduce on-site hours and production is not dependent on weather conditions, enabling us to improve delivery lead-times
  • Superior surface preparation and high quality work
  • Adaptability to detailed clients’ requirements & specifications: capacity to absorb large-sized structures if necessary through modular working areas
  • Low environmental impact: our workshops are designed in full compliance with strict environmental regulations for surface preparation and coating activities.
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