QHSE Policy


PREZICON designs and implements solutions for end-to-end asset integrity maintenance services from conception to dismantling. For this purpose, our employees act responsibly and take initiatives in order to provide their customers with the technical and economical solutions to meet their needs, while keeping perfect control over risks.


The fundamental values shared by all employees of the Group are:

  • Respect
  • Solidarity
  • Courage
  • Humility
  • Conviviality


As part of its mission, the Prezicon community strives for excellence in terms of Quality, Safety, Professionalism, Respect and innovation so as to be recognized as the undisputed industry benchmark.


It is without any doubt that Prezicon has resolved to steer its businesses and projects within the framework of a well maintained ISO45001:2018 and ISO14001:2015 that:

  • Prevents work related ill-health and accidents
  • Protects the environment from any negative impact of its operations
  • Prevent pollution of all kinds and monitor significant environmental impacts
  • Continually improves HSE performance and HSEMS
  • Meet all requirements including compliance obligations of the organization
  • Promote all applicable HSE directives and guideline from Altrad Group.

We shall consistently communicate and consult with relevant entities including workers on matters of HSE and manage HSE risks in a hierarchical fashion.
The active participation of everyone in HSE activities and programs will be enforced and relevant objectives at all levels will be established to drive the HSEMS for improved HSE performance.

Maya Omar


The promotion of desirable outcomes that meet the expectations of relevant interested parties including our esteemed customers, regulatory & legislative entities and codes of practice we voluntarily subscribe to, shall remain the hub of Prezicon Ltd.’s business of lifecycle asset integrity management and maintenance.

As a subsidiary of the global leader - Altrad group - Prezicon will consciously utilize concrete risk management approach and consistent training of its manpower to achieve continual improvement while being guarded by global best practices adopted within the group in a manner compatible with ISO9001:2015.

Alignment of this policy with the strategic direction and context of Prezicon shall be maintained at all times as I beseech our stakeholders to ensure that objectives at all levels take appropriate bearing from the policy. My objective for PREZICON is to be the incontestable best within our markets in terms of quality and customer satisfaction as I will ensure that processes are in place, permanently suitable and efficiently working in all our locations and projects.

Maya Omar

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