Asbestos removal

Asbestos removal is a discipline in which safety and expertise are absolute priorities. For many years, the teams of Altrad Services have been involved in small-to-large scale asbestos removal projects on different types of industrial buildings and infrastructures.

In this specialty, more than in any other, our operations conform to internationally recognised management standards. We always follow strict procedures and use high quality equipment as the protection of our personnel is at stake. Moreover, our interventions are systematically conducted in accordance with the principles and practices of occupational medicine (establishment of containment areas, regular medical checks for our operators, etc.).

Our teams are thus specially trained to evolve in such a hostile and sensitive environment. We know how to remove non-friable and friable asbestos and we are a recognised leader in this field, especially when it comes to blasting operations. In addition, during maintenance or dismantling phases, we eliminate not only asbestos, but also polluted coatings and structural components containing all sorts of other contaminants.

Altrad Services provides the waste monitoring forms, in compliance with the legislation in force. The dismantling, the transportation, the collection and the elimination of the asbestos are guaranteed and realised within the approved treatment facilities.

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