Remote cleaning and inspection of process vessels

Altrad Services has developed a number of inspection tools which enable us to perform internal cleaning and visual inspection of process vessels and tanks whilst avoiding the need for personnel to enter the confined area, which significantly improves safety conditions and accelerates the time to perform inspections during critical shutdown and turnaround periods.

For narrow pipes and taller process vessels, we have developed a range of lightweight access solutions equipped with HD camera & lights for close up inspections.

In cooperation with Wälischmiller Engineering GmbH, Shell, Statoil and Gassco, the Norwegian teams from Altrad Services developed in 2015 an advanced remotely operated access arm - the Telbot® Classic ATEX. The system is obviously ATEX certified (zone 1) and allows cleaning and close up inspection without entering of personnel inside the vessel:
  • Significantly reduces preparatory activities/rework and shutdown time on hot installations, typical no blinding of lines in/out
  • Maximum range of access arm inside vessel: 6 metres, with maximum height of fall: 5 metres
  • The remotely operated access arm is programmable to access specific areas inside vessel.
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