Altrad Services has invested heavily in R&D to provide a pre-insulation process that can improve long term integrity and constructability of gas and LNG plants.

Our pre-insulation system is able to perform and complete insulation work earlier in the project programme, where significant quantities of pipes are involved. Key features are:
  • The system uses a modular workspace that can be mobilised anywhere around the globe to produce pre-insulated pipes in a fast, reliable and efficient way
  • The process comprises the application by machine of a fibre reinforced polymer to a rotating pipe
  • The resulting pipes are operable in a temperature range of -190°C to +120°C, covering the main temperature ranges for heat gain and Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI).
    Direct benefits for our customers include speed and time saving, cost efficiency, improved HSE through the reduction of on-site personnel, enhanced environmental performance and quality control, flexibility and modularity.
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