To keep your production process under control and ensure that the sensitive products circulating inside your piping, equipment, pumps or reservoirs are maintained at the right temperature or heated, Altrad Services provides tracing solutions (electrical tracing or tracing by means of steam pipes). This approach uses an input of heat to compensate for the heat losses that occur in spite of the thermal insulation applied.

This input of heat, which ensures the correct temperature, is achieved by means of an electrical heating wire network. Altrad Services collaborates with the main suppliers of tracing equipment and systematically uses the most innovative and suitable equipment, both in terms of technology and price.
Altrad Services also provides tracing by means of steam pipes. In concrete terms, we install metal pipes along the length of the ducts and machines that are being monitored and traced. We heat them with steam (low or high pressure), water or hot oil. We guarantee the connection of the tracing materials by installing fittings or by making appropriate welds. In this manner, we are fully committed to optimising the tracing operation according to the requirements of the installation.
For our customers, tracing provides a three-fold advantage: the homogeneity and ease of regulation of the product, and reduced maintenance of the installation.

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