Ultra-High Pressure (U.H.P.) water jetting

Altrad Services has heavily invested in R&D to develop Ultra High Pressure water jetting techniques to prepare surfaces. This consists of jetting water at pressures of up to 3,800 bars. Our expertise in the use of this technology is nowadays so well recognised that we are a certified training body for U.H.P. operators.

Altrad Services has developed ultra-compact and high-performance equipment designed to provide a better quality treated surface (especially on concrete). In addition, our U.H.P. machines can be equipped with an aspiration system that eases the waste treatment and minimises the water requirement by recycling it.

Specifically, for surface preparation in nuclear power generation facilities, we also have a number of dedicated U.H.P. cleaning units which have been “nuclearised” so that they can be used in controlled areas (enabling the equipment to be moved from site to site using trans-nuclear containers approved for the transportation of materials used in certain controlled zones).

Our U.H.P. solutions come with major benefits such as: waste reduction and improved waste management, superior working conditions and increased safety through the use of robots and automation systems.

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